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En octobreelle a reçu le prix Bayeux des correspondants de guerre pour un reportage sur les camps de filtration en Tchétchénie.

rencontre femme kosovo

Par rencontre femme kosovo, le thème de la beauté occupant une place transversale dans son travail sur les terrains de guerre, elle s'est engagée depuis à documenter la beauté et les styles sur tout les continents - projet BeautieS commencé en Ethiopie - faisant de ce thème le sujet central de son oeuvre photographique.

Photographer and writer, Françoise Spiekermeier covered several conflicts included Kosovo, Afghanistan and the 2nd war in Chechnya from to Today, only writing would not give me enough satisfaction.

More than that, in rencontre femme kosovo or complex situations, photographying helps me to stand and stay, certainly because I feel the camera as a filter and a protection.

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The camera helps to look with objectivity at the world and in the same time to step back. Moreover, the topic of beauty rencontre femme kosovo a transverse place in her war reports, she's involved since to document beauty and styles on every continent - the project called "BeautieS" started in Ethiopia - puting this topic at the center of rencontre femme kosovo photographic work.

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